Personals Alternative Sites Like Craigslist

Craigslist is an easy way for people to post personal ADs to find what they want, including dating, hookup, casual sex, threesome, LGBT etc. Unfortunately, it is shut down now. Then, are there any other sites like craigslist for people to post personal ADs? The answer is sure, there are some good sites like Craiglists. is here to help review the sites similar to Craigslists. The purpose is to save your time and energy on selecting the best ones for you to increases your potential of finding a good match. It also prepares you physically and mentally before taking that dive. Our reviews will teach you all you need to know about top sites like Craigslist- how to use them, how they work and any other thing you need to have a hassle-free sail.

Top 1. Doublelist

Just when you thought personal ads were done, Doublelist is bringing it back and allowing people to post their interests via quick live ads. Launched in March 2018, Doublelist (Doublelist) is providing a platform for individuals to easily find long term or short term casual sexual relationships. It allows it’s users to connecting with other users who have similar interests while sharing rewarding experiences with its open classifieds system.

The site’s localized functionality lets users hook up with people in their location. It is open for all people with Straight and Gay sexual orientations, and is arguably the most suitable replacement for Craigslist Personals. Let’s talk about some of the key points we have taken from our research on Doublelist.

Safety And Prohibited Content

Doublelist is doing a pretty good job of vetting members and posters. As expected, Doulbelist does not accept underage individuals. All members must exceed the age of 18. The site strongly warns its members against producing content that promotes the under-listed;


After being touted to take over from Craigslist Personals; a lot of users have criticized it for its strictness and intolerance to a lot of proclivities that was permissible on its predecessor.

Doublelist has also been criticized for its sizeable number of spam accounts, a bane of many hookup sites. But it is good to note that the site is young and is working to solve some of these constraints. Some section believe it is not user frienDoublelisty, since there is a prohibition on the extreme usage of vulgar information.

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Top 2. Classifiedads

Is your number one stop for posting ads online for free and without any attachment. Your posting of ads is with ease. It is also your number one stop for advertising your business online, it is a site for posting classified ads for free, browsing listings for free and also to reach out to sellers. There are various categories for the goods and services you offer so there is a place for whatever business or services that you are offering. is ranked as one of the top 5 start-up in Seattle 2.0 Startup Index, they are here to help grow and strengthen startups by providing a platform for them to advertise their goods and services. They verify ads been posted to to ensure its authenticaticity and they also help in making your ads unique to the business type that you are running. offer advertising services through printing both online and offline to ensure that the services you offer gets to your potential customers. Continue >>

Top 3. Bedpage

Bedpage? It sounds familiar. That is because this site is an offspring of the now defunct Backpage. Bedpage offers a classified dating function for finding casual sex partners of all types. It allows its users to post ads and find customers.

Here is the tricky part, Bedpage is not only a dating site. It is a multipurpose classified ads website. Users from all over the world can post all sorts of ads and hope to find buyers or people who are interested in their products or services.

User Experience

Anyone can scroll through posts on Bedpage for any of the cities and towns that it serves. When you enter one of the dating subsections you will have to go through a disclaimer page that reminds its users that they will not tolerate the promotion of illegal activities on the site.


A major criticism for Bedpage comes from its spammy and dis-indigenous outlook. I have discovered that many of the countries listed on its homepage have no posts or activity at all. From the point of view of an end user, this is frustrating. In my opinion, this creates false expectations about its penetration as it obviously does not cover the areas listed on its homepage. Continue >>

Top 4. Oodle

Oodle is a reputable classifieds site. Founded in 2004, it is currently the largest classifieds aggregator for listings from California. It also accommodates personals advertisement for dating under its specialized subdomain, and that is where we pour our focus in this article.

What You Can Do With Oodle Personals

Users are allowed to post ads and advertise their interests. With Oodle you can;

  • Find a users with similar interests such as dating, marriage, casual encounters and friendship thus allowing you to define the theme of the relationship even before meeting.
  • Use filters to specialize your search to users with specific qualities such as race, religion, kids, drinking status and zodiac.
  • You can localize your search to only show personals within your location.

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Top 5. Wantadigest

Apart from products advertisements Wantadigest.Com personals category allows users to search and meet lovers on their platform . To be able to use personal Ad you require 2 stamped envelopes. Firstly you will write a letter in response to the given ad and add your contact information in the letter. You will Put the letter in one of the stamped envelopes and write the seven digit code found on the personal ad on the bottom left hand side of your envelope. Next, add a $6 check or cash payment to Want Ad Digest, in the second envelope alongside the letter to the respondent. Mail it to Want Ad Digest, Attn: Personals, 870 Hoosick Rd, Troy, NY 12180. Once your letter arrives Want Ad Digest, will deliver your sealed envelope to the recipient indicated. Continue>>

Top 6. Classopia

Classtopia is an multipurpose classified platform where users can post ads and attract surfers who are seeking a similar service, interest or product. And just like most contemporary marketplace sites, Classtopia also has a standard personal ads system.

The personals sub section of the site allows you to surf without registration. But before you can assess the website homepage, you will be required to read and agree that you are more than 18 years of age.


Classtopia warns users against making anonymous payments to people using services like Western Union and Moneygram. The platform is aware of the high possibility of scam, so the advice users to acting locally or pay with PayPal. The platform is also not involved in any form of financial transaction such as payments and guarantee service. Thus it advises users to desist from buying services, selling services or accepting cashier cheque to other users outside their countries. Continue >>