Bedpage? I bet it sounds familiar. That is because this site is an offspring of the now defunct Backpage. Bedpage offers a classified dating function for finding casual sex partners of all types. It allows its users to post ads and find customers.

Here is the tricky part, Bedpage is not only a dating site. It is a multipurpose classified ads website. Users from all over the world can post all sorts of ads and hope to find buyers or people who are interested in their products or services.

User Experience

Anyone can scroll through posts on Bedpage for any of the cities and towns that it serves. When you enter one of the dating subsections you will have to go through a disclaimer page that reminds its users that they will not tolerate the promotion of illegal activities on the site.

As shown in the image above, Bedpage has categories for a wide range of items and activities, ranging from automotive, musicians, real estate, professional services and more. But that is now why we are here of course. There is a significant amount of attention on its dating category, as you can see the “Cam Girls” link is a hot button and it is labeled in red.

Bedpage tries to reanimate its predecessors feel and functionality in its appearance while offering seamless user interface. Former users of Backpage will find it very appealing. Unlike other dating sites, visitors on Bedpage can use the site without registration by browse through posts and user profiles just like a regular online market place. Let’s talk about some of the key points we have taken from our research on Doublelist.

Safety And Prohibited Content

Bedpage has a long list of content reservations and prohibitions. Bedpage dating has no acceptance policy for users under the ages of 18. The site strongly warns its members against producing content that promotes the under-listed;

  • Threatening, forcing and abusive conten.
  •  Abuse such as racial discrimination or other forms of harassment.
  • Sending malicious messages and texts to other users with the intention of spreading virus, hacking or phishing.
  • Requesting for private and confidential information like contact details or credit card numbers
  • Prostitution, or offering fees for sexual activity and any other form of commercial activity.
  • Sharing private information that does not belong to you.
  • Impersonation such as Providing false information and using misleading user details.
  • Child pornography, bestiality (animal cruelty), bondage (degradation) and incest
  • Marketing weapons and harmful products such as explosives and detonators
  • Selling narcotics and banned relaxants like Marijuana, Cocaine and Meth.


A major criticism for Bedpage comes from its spammy and dis-indigenous outlook. I have discovered that many of the countries listed on its homepage have no posts or activity at all. From the point of view of an end user, this is frustrating. In my opinion, this creates false expectations about its penetration as it obviously does not cover the areas listed on its homepage.

However where there are posts, I am able to see that thee are a lot of posts suggesting prostitution and fake users. This reduces the chance of finding a real date. However this is challenge is not peculiar to Bedpage alone, as it is a regular case with online dating sites.

Another major problem I noticed was that there were a lot of ads on the website. Most of these ads looked very much like listings and I was redirected to other dating sites upon clicking them. Although Backpage may consider serving ads a major source of revenue, this in my opinion, is a contradiction to the purpose of the site, which is to help people find localized casual sex hookups.

This reduces user experience, as users may have be forced to visit other sites in order to get the value they require.


While posting on Bedpage is free, visibility is not. The site requires that users make a payment before posts can go live. Users can pay as much as $2 to make singular personal ads posts visible and an extra $1 to rank the post on top spots for your city. Your post rankings will take effect within 1 to 24 hours after payment, depending on the competition in your city.

Additionally there is a premium option which will ensure that you are given priority for your posts in you city and in other cities as well. Premium posts cost $15 per post in a singular city and $7.5 if the poster intends to distribute the same post across several cities.

Bedpage Dating Categories

Within the dating section, you will find the following subsections;

(a) Cam Girls
(b) Casual dating
(c) Straight (Women seeking Men)
(d) Gay (Men seeking Men)
(e) Straight (Men seeking Women)
(f) Trans-Gender
(g) Lesbian (Women seeking Women)
(h) Phone sex and cyber sex

Membership and Registration

Anyone can register on the site provided they are over 18 years of age. The site has a membership of over 1.7 million users. And according to a report from similarweb seen below, Bedpage has witnessed almost 4 million visits in the last 6 months.

Also segmentation of the site’s visitor numbers show that most of its users come for the USA and Canada.


New and intending users can find the register button on the top right corner of the homepage. The homepage consists majorly of links and it can get very confusing. Find it highlighted in red.

After this screen, users will be directed to an email sign-up page as shown below.

At this stage, existing users can simply proceed to signing in with their emails while new users, will be further directed to a form field as shown below.

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