Oodle is a reputable classifieds site. Founded in 2004, it is currently the largest classifieds aggregator for listings from California. It also accommodates personals advertisement for dating under its specialized subdomain, and that is where we pour our focus in this article.

The site consist of a navigable user interface with a clean allowance that lets you scroll around freely without any confusion about the purpose of the site. One more great thing about Oodle is that it lets you get a feel of what you are getting even before registration, visitors can access personal ads from existing users, but cannot interact with them.

The Oodle strongly encourages posters to include a Facebook profile with listings, believing that users will prefer the transparency of dealing with someone with a name and face attributed to their listing. Here is what the homepage for Los Angeles, California looks like.

What You Can Do With Oodle Personals

Users are allowed to post ads and advertise their interests. With Oodle you can;

  •  Find a users with similar interests such as dating, marriage, casual encounters and friendship thus allowing you to define the theme of the relationship even before meeting.
  •  Use filters to specialize your search to users with specific qualities such as race, religion, kids, drinking status and zodiac.
  •  You can localize your search to only show personals within your location.


Oodle requires that members must register with valid email address or via Facebook. Once you fill the form, you will be required to validate your email address by clicking the link you have been sent.

This measure is put in place to stop spamming and fake accounts from gaining access to the site’s user area. Here is an image of what you will receive form your homepage.

You will find the registration link at the top right corner of the homepage. Once your link is validated, you will be able to make posts and use your account freely. Here is what a new account homepage looks like.


Posting Ads

Tremendous effort is placed on putting up ads so that users can only meet with real people online. To post ads, users must go to from their dashboard or “Listings”in the user profile as shown in the image above.

Oodle mandates that only real life pictures are used in postsing ads. The ads must;

  • Capture a close up of the users face
  • Not contain any pornographic material
  • Not suggest any commercial or free service
  • Must not contain images of existing users or of anyone other than the user himself

Below is a typical example of a staple Oodle ad.

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